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Adult Classes


Studio Spanish can support you when it comes to developing Spanish proficiency regardless of your motivation. Whether you want to learn it from scratch, brush up on the Spanish you learned from high school, get ready for an adventure to a Spanish speaking country, improve communication with your Hispanic employees, or improve the communication with your international teamwork, we are here to help you.


Spanish for Executives/Health Care Providers

Spanish has become increasingly important as a global business language, and multilingual skills are essential for building solid business relationships. We know executives have busy schedules and particular needs. We support these with on-site services, and we tailor our training and instruction to achieve your desired result.

Studio Spanish helps develop language skills for businesses with clients, associates, and employees. Our customized Spanish language training focuses on personal targeted goals, whether you are a beginner needing basic language skills or you already speak Spanish and seek to expand your proficiency. Our Spanish for executives and health care providers is developed specifically to help professionals develop their oral communication skills.

Our classes can be one on one or group sessions.


On-site One-on-One Sessions

A One-on-One lesson with an experienced instructor is the best way to tailor your Spanish learning experience to your individual skill level, learning style, purpose, and availability. We create a customized curriculum to fit your needs- this is the fastest way to learn!


On-site Group Sessions

Group classes at Studio Spanish provides a fun, interactive and cost-effective way to learn a new language with a small group of your peers. Class sizes range from 2-6 students, to allow for individual attention and comprehension. This, along with practical exercises focused on grammar and conversation as a group or in pairs, will have you enjoying yourself by lesson's end.

On-site group classes can be offered through the partnership of Studio Spanish and community facilities (Park Districts, Assisted lived facilities, Libraries ). We fit the curriculum and program length to the partner’s  requirements.

Group Classes for Seniors

Kids soak up language like a sponge. But just because you’ve aged past adolescence doesn’t mean learning another language is impossible. With Studio Spanish it is not only possible but enriching! Studies prove that bilingual seniors have improved memory and cognition. There is also proof that knowing a second language reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Do you think you’ve already talked to everyone? Learn Spanish and the door will be open to so many more conversations to be had. Your social life will thank you for it!


English‐Spanish Translation

Studio Spanish provides expert English-to-Spanish translation services. We translate training materials, organizational policies, marketing user manuals, instruction booklets, internal notes, minutes of proceedings, administrative terms, website content, and more. Our best-in-class translators conduct rigorous proofreading to ensure accuracy, appropriate usage of the language, and on-point message delivery.


Small Businesses

Small business growth and financial health largely depend on strong employee engagement. Therefore, communication is key because barriers can create confusion, conflict, and misunderstanding. As on-site liaisons, we help bridge the cultural and language gap between small business owners and Spanish-speaking employees. We support owners/managers by training their staff in Spanish. Owners and managers are benefited by learning about Hispanic customs and traditions, conflict resolution, and other cross-cultural communication best practices.





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