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Español is Fun

Speaking a second language is an incredibly valuable skill for children, as these young learners tend to test higher in language arts and math and show greater cognitive development. That sounds serious, but we know how to make teaching and learning Spanish fun!


Studio Spanish offers a full Spanish immersion and educational program for children grades K – 5.


“Español is Fun 1” is a beginner-level Spanish course for children in grades K – 2 that creates a fun and exciting learning experience for our youngest students. Studio Spanish offers a customized curriculum, using games, crafts, songs and stories. We focus on Spanish fundamentals learned through themes. We love learning with themes. This is a fun way to explore new topics with kids and also have important educational benefits. We provide the crafts, teaching materials, and of course, the fun!


“Español is Fun 2” is a great educational experience! This beginner – intermediate level Spanish course is for children in grades 3 – 5. Things get a little more challenging, but stay engaging, as your child will move forward by getting the benefits of theme-based learning. We focus on traditions, basic conversation, phonetics, food, and Hispanic countries. We provide the crafts, teaching materials and --you guessed it-- the fun!


One-on-One lesson. We will accommodate your schedule, come to your home, and provide the instruction and training that is right for your children. We create a customized curriculum to fit your child’s needs, learning style and availability. This is the fastest way to learn!


Group classes

On-site group classes can be offered through the partnership of Studio Spanish and educational or community facilities (Park Districts, enrichment programs, Libraries). We fit the curriculum and program length to the partner’s  requirements. The workday ends at 5 o’clock but the kids get out earlier. Why not fill that gap with something fun and important like learning another language? Students can even learn without having to change location. When you ask your kids about their day, Studio Spanish is sure to be one of their highlights.

Tutoring: Middle school and High school





Whether your children are struggling or cruising with Spanish, we will provide the extra instruction they need to achieve their academic goals and succeed. In addition to helping your children with homework and prepping for tests, we teach them communication and cultural skills to optimize their learning experience, giving them the confidence to successfully transition to the next class level.


Students are very important to us and we have supported Spanish learners from public and private schools. These schools include Glenbrook North, Glenbrook South, Deerfield High School, Arlington Heights, Stevenson, Loyola Academy,  Science and Arts Academy, and more.


Our wide range of experience with students makes us a valuable asset for any educational institution looking to augment their already existing communication in Spanish or even build it up from the ground. No matter where the level of the student, Studio Spanish can step in and help them reach new heights.


Spanish tutoring for high school students is guided by the Illinois Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, focusing on the following core practices:


• Facilitate target language comprehensibility. Students and teachers speak,

  listen, read, write, view and create in the target language 90% of the time.

• Guide learners through interpreting authentic resources.

• Design oral Interpersonal Communication Tasks.

• Plan with backward design model.

• Teach grammar as concept and use in context.

• Provide appropriate oral feedback.

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